Project Description

The Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit approved an application for the Stranoch Wind Farm on 24th November 2021.

To enable the wind farm to make an active contribution to help meet Scotland’s ambitious renewable energy and climate change targets, EDF Renewables will now start the preparatory work needed to bring the project to fruition, including the development of a construction timetable for the wind farm.

In accordance with regulation 23(4) of the Electricity Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017, the Public Notice detailing the determination of the application is included in the Downloads section of this website, below.

Copies of the decision statement and related documentation can also be obtained on the Energy Consents website at (ECU Reference ECU00000710).

Project History
Consent for a 24 turbine, 72MW wind farm at the Stranoch site was originally granted in 2016.  To improve renewable energy generation and the viability of the scheme, the original layout was revised and a new planning application submitted in October 2018.

Project Layout
The wind farm now consented by the Energy Consent Unit will have a substantially increased capacity of at least 84MW and will be capable of powering more than 50,000 homes.

There will be 20 turbines in total, with the site being divided into two parts:

A southern group of eight turbines.  One turbine has a proposed height of up to 140m to blade tip, one turbine has a proposed height of up to 142.5m and six turbines have proposed heights of up to 149.9m to blade tip.

A northern group of twelve turbines.  One turbine of up to 140m to blade tip, one turbine of up to 142.5m, one turbine of up to 149.9m and nine turbines with heights of up to 175m to blade tip.

Questions and Answers

When operational, EDF Renewables would provide a community benefit fund in line with the Scottish Government Good Practice Principles for Community Benefits from Onshore Renewable Energy Developments. The fund value for the community benefit fund would be £5,000 per MW for the lifetime of the wind farm.

EDF Renewables supports the principles of shared ownership that give local community groups and organisations the opportunity to invest in and share in the profit generated by wind farms. The shared ownership opportunity will be further developed and promoted as plans for the construction of the wind farm are progressed.

Further Information

Any Questions?
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